LOCS Business

LOCS AI platform

LOCS uses energy big data analysis and artificial intelligence technology to provide energy classification / prediction and equipment failure prediction services. LOCS E-Prophet analysis power usage patterns to achieve optimal contract power recommendation and cost savings through automated power usage control.

LOCS E-Prophet

Machine Learning / Deep Learning Based Energy Classification / Prediction

  • Ability to training / testing artificial intelligence models on the platform
  • Provides device classification function based on power pattern analysis using deep learning based NILM (Non-Intensive Load Monitoring) model
  • Predict daily, weekly, and monthly energy prediction model using machine learning and deep learning

Machine Learning Based Fault Prediction

  • Predict failure probability by analyzing environmental information and power consumption information of buildings or factory facilities
  • Collect and analyze various log data for Identify anomalies

RESTful API Connect

  • Connect artificial intelligence model on platform using RESTful API
  • Easy-to-use AI service